Perfection: The Enemy of Pretty Okay

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My Sister told me not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. 

That’s why I’m here writing at this moment, because this new little ‘blog is important to me and I’m pretty passionate about the subject and all of the discoveries unfolding within me daily on the matter. But I have so! many! big! ideas! And the current state of my awkward little corner of the WordPress world is rather … erm … dysfunctional at the moment still, and I’m still like “WHAT’S A JETPACK?!?!” as I yank my hairs vertically and I keep texting my brother-in-law to fix everything for me so this blog can be perfect (he is web design afficionado). But, as luck would have it, my brother-in-law has an amazing life with a gorgeous wife who graduated college this week and wants to get


So I am not sure what I was going to say. At that moment, some lovely folk walked in the door and it was time to go to a delicious dinner that was supposed to be lots of fun in celebration of the graduation of the beautiful sister-in-law I mentioned above.

Prior to opening the computer to write this, I had just gotten home from work and fell into the cozy arms and chubby cheeks of my beautiful baby. We grinned and danced and played, until I absolutely HAD to set him down for less than 60 seconds, yet by the time I got back he was sleeping. I faced a stolen, unexpected free moment.

I agonized. What do I do? Do I wake him up because I desperately missed him? Clean out car? Scrub toilet? Empty dishwasher? Move laundry? Look for a gift bag and tissue paper for the grad gift? Call the insurance company? Walk the dogs? Check Facebook? Write?

There was so much I could’ve / should’ve opted to do. And what I really longed to do was write, but then I thought of this blog with all the ERRORS *insert weird code here* and the glaring lack of photos and all the imperfections and unfinishedness of it, and I almost passed up the moment. As it was, I was so frozen with self-doubt that I wasted about 5 minutes of opportunity!

Well, but then I left for a joyous dinner that included me mostly sitting in the car with a very fussy baby. But finally I went inside to join my family! Only to be called outside again by a work emergency handled with one hand inbetween short sharp bursts of fussiness and finalized with an untouched salad in a lovely plastic to-go box. If that doesn’t sum up the all-terrain capability of Working Moms, I’m not sure what does.

The point is: I have big dreams for this little corner, and they involve creating a robust community for women to parse the exhilarating yet troubling Career Mommy Tightrope Balancing Act. But isn’t it so much more honest to break out on the scene looking a little rough around the edges, with a lot of improvements to make?

There hasn’t yet been a day in my career momhood (brief but intense) that I have felt like I was really 100% “making it.” I’m just doing what I can. Lots of angst. Way too much growth between the edge of the acrylic nails and my cuticles. Way too few work clothes that aren’t maternity.

So if I’m to be honest with you — and fruitful community thrives on honesty — I will start this here and now. It’ll break out a little unfinished and imperfect, just like me, and I will choose to believe that a successful dialogue is not impossible as I work to pull it all together — just like my real life.

So… Hi!! Let’s talk about what it means to be moms. Moms who work. And whose work never ends. And we love it!

  • Miriam Greenlee
    May 30, 2014

    This little corner of the internet is desperately needed! And I for one am very glad it isn’t going to be, nor require of me, perfection. 😉 The web polished window into a crazy life of the working mommy is something I can really get behind (as long as when you peer through said window you won’t comment on the state of my desk, or dishes)… I’ll be right here with you Syd! Excited about what you/we are going to build out of this! =D

    • workingmoms
      June 1, 2014

      You are the best cheerleader ever! Thanks for joining me in this little corner, where we shall cheer and be imperfect and encourage others together.

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