Open Letter to My Mom

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Dear Mama,

My Mama, Her Mama, and Her Bro

My Mama, Her Mama, and Her Bro

[Still think Caleb looks so much like you!]

On Mother’s Day, I’d like you to know some things I think about you. Contained herein are approximately 8 random things that I think about you or that I’m thankful for receiving from you as my Mother.

To me, you will always be the prettiest Mama. I’ve always loved your adventurous hairstyles and watching you apply makeup (of which you dont wear too much! ever! natural beauty!).

Prettiest Mama

Prettiest Mama

You have a remarkable way of remembering what it feels like to be a kid,

and this helps you to be a great mother, grandmother, Sunday school teacher, and leader / caregiver in so many capacities.

Kid Mama

I love your unique sense of humor, taste in comedy, and the way that you were silly and goofy with us as kids. I still have memories of surprise roughhousing as kids. I loved telling my friends that “my mom is actually really funny.” You probably never realized that!

Funny Mama

Funny Mama

You’ve always been there for me in the crucial moments, and I’m still quite confident that you are the only one in the world who knows how to fix everything.

From running marathons to hitting puberty way too early, finding my wedding jewels (and a way for Oma to be at my wedding) and always picking the fuzz/dog hair/ cat hair/ girl hair off my clothes.

Oma's Pearls

Oma’s Pearls

Marathon Day (early!)

Marathon Day (early!)

You’ve always been an amazing animal-lover,

and creation-lover, and I admire how you have helped take care of all our animals growing up, and still do to this day. It’s also pretty fun having sister-dogs. ¬†When I see my son and nephews loving animals and appreciating nature, or when I notice a passion for those things in myself, I always think of you and count it as your legacy.

Sister Dogs!

Sister Dogs!

It would not be possible to overstate how grateful I am to you for my siblings, and everything you taught us about how to love one another, people who are different from us, and people who are discounted and undervalued in our society.

It is because of all those things you taught us that we experience the peace and fortitude to walk forward in life and keep building instead of falling apart.


Still the best people I know

[I had recently burned my thumb on an iron, and will never forget it every time I see this picture. / This is surprisingly unembarrassing, as kid photos go!]



Thank you for loving us all equally. No need for contests. We always knew you loved us. Always knowing your mom loves you is something some kids can only pray for. I take it for granted and I have you to thank for that!

And finally, he’ll get his own day, but thanks for choosing our Daddy.

He’s the best. Thanks for choosing him in the beginning, and choosing him again and again for decades. We are richly blessed.

Hotties in Hawaii

Hotties in Hawaii

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