One Career Mom Refusing to Have It All: Kyle Dyer

I saw this video on Facebook, and it was both surprising and refreshing.

I am impressed that Kyle is stepping away from a high-profile seat on the morning news, one that’s she held for years — almost 2 decades!

She didn’t quit entirely, but she accepted the opportunity to rearrange her schedule so she be there for her girls early in the morning, and stay up late at night to help them if needed.

Kyle Dyer and daughter via

Kyle Dyer and daughter

Kyle isn’t pretending there’s any such thing as having it all. She’s making a choice not to try. Her decision proclaims that some things take precedence over others, and sometimes we say no to one thing in order to fully embrace another. We are just people, but we have chances to make choices in such a way that our lives tell truths about prioritizing one thing higher than another.

I consider the fact that she didn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater — she didn’t completely quit her job, but she did something to revise the expectations placed upon her to make herself available to her children at the practical times when she’d be most needed. Her decision was balanced, weighed and measured, and for a “moment such as this” — appropriate for the time at hand.

Being a career mom, or any kind of mom, requires the flexibility to make a balanced decision to choose what isĀ best — and the wisdom to admit that what is best today might be different from what is best in 8 years, 5 months, or 2 weeks.

Photo cred, and other awesome story with Kyle Dyer being incredible.

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