No Mommy Wars

I am a bit new to the whole “mom” thing, but within the past year I’ve witnessed a bit of bloodshed here and there between mommies. There’s been some controversy over the whole nourishment issue. There’s been disagreement about the way to characterize stay-at-home versus career moms. The latest fad is to get scrappy over vaccination opinions.


(Uh, while we’re waving around our opinions in a heated fashion, please keep all the needles put away.)


What I’d like to make clear is that even though I call this “Working Moms Weekly,” I think that ALL MOMS WORK. I am pretty sure that every mom works around the clock physically, mentally, and emotionally. The duties are endless but it’s the dedication — that is eternal.


I’m not here to tie a load of guilt on anyone’s back. I’m not here to champion a cause. I’m not trying to draw any lines in the sand dividing the “right” kind of mom from the “wrong” kind of mom.


The fact of the matter is that some moms have the main job of managing the household from within it, with their children present. Other moms manage the household from the outside, and are often not present with their children for the majority of the workweek.


Recently, I’ve found myself in the latter position, and I as looked I found a lack of shared resources. I found voices of individual women who had incredibly powerful, encouraging things to say about the path I was about to walk down, but those voices were hard to hear, and their message was difficult to uncover. I want to make that incredible encouragement I received more readily available. I want to facilitate community that gives us power to be the best moms we can be from wherever we sit as household managers.


There might be some SAHMs that want to read and comment and commune here. Welcome! There might be some career-at-home moms here. There might be some 9-to-5ers, such as myself, who’d love to take part in a conversation — I dearly hope so. And there might be part-time career moms, retired moms, or any other beautiful variation on a mother who is working really hard to be a great mom and manage her home. I want them all here.


I won’t tolerate bullying. I won’t tolerate Us vs. Them speech I want you to know that’s not my purpose and I won’t facilitate that type of dysfunction. We won’t always agree, but we’ll disagree respectfully with the common goal in mind of helping one another and learning from each other.

Remember This

Remember This

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