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In the interest of hanging onto the holiday, let’s talk about Christmasy things.

Some of my favorite ornaments didn’t get hung on our tree until after my bedtime on Christmas Day. This is because we ended up accidentally packing all our favorite ornaments in a box that we gave to my sister months ago without realizing it until she found them while unpacking her own decorations.

Minor oversight attributable to the fact that I was moving into a new house  8 weeks after giving birth and 2 days before going back to work.

The important thing is, they made it onto my hodge-podge, no-theme tree at last! Does your tree have a decor theme? Is it a mish-mash of sentimental and storebought? Will you share some photos? I love all trees — Charlie Brown, Rockefeller, and everything inbetween. I want to see yours!

Here are some of my favorites! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?

Deer Family  Deer Family. This one joined our collection this year to commemorate the lives of a deer family (mom and two fawns) that we grew very attached to this past Spring/Summer. They frolicked through our back yard many a day. We got to see them turn from spotty babes to skinny teenagers. Our neighborhood listserv contained reports of a buck spotted strolling through the neighborhood after dark.

Then came the day when one fawn was missing, and then mom went missing. Then hubs spotted a deer on the highway that our yard backs up to, and we haven’t seen any more since then apotheke-zag.de. It was a bit emotional for all of us, I can’t lie. We’ll always keep you in our hearts, deer.

Here’s what the tag reads: “Deer have an excellent sense of hearing and when unsure of a sound, they stay completely still, blending in with their surroundings, till the danger has passed. The Deer Family reminds us to be kind and gentle, yet aware, and that family should look out for each other.” Alright, calm down, you’re a tree ornament.

But seriously, I’m loving it.

USMC Once a Marine, always a Marine. This one also technically belongs to my husband, but I love it because it’s beautiful and I am very proud of my husband’s service. He is my hero. This time of year is always one of reminiscing for him because he lost two comrades during the holiday season many years ago now. Their families remain in our hearts and prayers each holiday.

Snowflakes! Swarovski Crystal Snowflake – 2012, gifted me by my husband at our first married Christmas. I was so impressed with his thoughtfulness, remembering my love of Swarovski crystal and Christmas ornaments. To me, this ornament looks exactly like a blown-up real snowflake.

The blue-and-white glittery snowflake behind it is an Old World Christmas ornament that I received as a gift at the company Christmas party.

Incidentally, if I were to ever have a themed Christmas tree, I could totally see myself doing an artificial white tree with all sorts and variations of snowflake ornaments with lots of lights and glitter. In imaginary land.

Rosebud Rosebud – possibly the most sentimental attachment I have formed to an ornament is with this one.

My mom could tell it better, but she got me this ornament because she used to use the term “rosebuds” with me as a playfully affectionate term for “kisses.” I think I got that right, Mama? Care to elaborate in the comments? Anyway, this ornament reminded her of me as a baby, so she got it for me.

And this year, after having my son, I have taken a million-and-one pictures of him looking just like this:

IMG_0262 IMG_0367 … Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby face. And his little sleeping face always reminded me of Rosebud, the Christmas ornament cherub. And the cycle continues.

So there are more, and I could go on, but I’ll stop for now and let you talk.

Pretty please? What do you love about your tree this year? 

  • Dana Blanchard
    December 27, 2014

    You got the Rosebud story just right! I love the accompanying photos of Caleb in rosebudesque poses.

  • Lizzie
    December 27, 2014

    Lovely post!
    So, our tree never has a theme beyond “Christmas” but, like you, we have gathered a few precious deccies along the way to add to its dress. Including:
    Go, Terps! A red bauble from my time at UMCP, given to me and signed by my friend Leila.
    Glassicle. A glass ornament from the neighbours at our first home.
    1st Christmas. A bauble for my daughter this Christmas from her granny.
    Merry Christmas, everyone!

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