Hello, Goodbye: July! — Working Moms Take Vacation

Well. July was a doozy!

I mean, who would’ve ever guess that the Bachelorette would end that way??!?!

JK. Everyone guessed.

But really, there was so much life lived in July, I can hardly believe that it’s over, and that it all happened in one month.

One of my favorite holidays happened.

photo 1 (4)

DC Fireworks are the best!


photo 2 (4)

Ready for the USMNT to lose to Belgium

And the World Cup ended with my bracket pick winning: Yah, Deutschland!

My life loves each reached a special milestone:

Baby Caleb turned 6 months! This alternately thrills me and breaks my heart. Apparently he’s old enough to get a job and now comes to work with Mama. *wink*

Playing under my desk

Playing under my desk

Husband turned 30 years, and a bunch of friends and family joined together to celebrate him and his legacy with a scrapbook of letters. Childhood friends, parents, in-laws, cousins, and peers contributed. It was a very meaningful moment.

photo 1 photo 2

A week later, we threw my boss a retirement party. She’s retiring after 48 years of working for the same company. Dedication like that is beyond my imagining, especially dedication to an employer. But she lived it, and so authentically. I was on the party-planning committee, a la ‘The Office’ and I brainstormed a gift for her: a framed portrait of many memorable sayings of hers, culled from the minds of many employees. We all signed the mat for her [not pictured]. I heard that she loved it, and will treasure it forever. We’ll be missing her.

photo 3


We visited New York City by car, with the baby. If this sounds ill-advised, well, then I say you’re unadventurous and absolutely correct! A great time was mostly had by all, even though Arsenal lost to the NY Red Bulls. We saw precious old friends and Caleb ate a lot of mashed banana in restaurants.

photo 1 (2)



photo 5

Full-on wonderment

Hotel lounging

Hotel lounging

New York City always thrills me with it’s history, it’s vitality, it’s essence of filthy air and total melting-pot status. I find it completely enchanting and totally stressful.

I saw the Statue of Liberty in person for the first time, which prompted much Jim Gaffigan parroting and lots of photos. It was really moving. I got tears in my eyes thinking about the symbolism of that statue, the immense project of creating and transporting it to our country, and the people who are still (literally) dying to celebrate the liberty we so easily enjoy.

I honestly Love you, Lady

I honestly Love you, Lady

photo 3 (3)

It was a blast, but you’ll have to forgive if 1 or 2 of us were totally thrilled to be home.

Unadulterated Joy

Unadulterated Joy

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