Five Months Old

Today my baby buddy turns 5 months old. He’s saucy!

He’s started rolling over, but doesn’t like to do it when people are watching. It’s still pretty difficult for him, and accidental rather than intentional or an automatic reaction to being set on his tummy.

He loves to read books. His favorite book right now is a counting book with colorful photos of objects. You count the objects and open the flap to see the number and more pictures of the object. I have it memorized, literally. (He also enjoys Runaway Bunny!)

He’s just learning how to sleep in his crib! Still have not made it morning to night, but we’re keeping up with the practice, and I don’t really mind if it takes forever. 😉

He loves to have conversations with me and make funny faces. At 5 months I can tell he’s going to have a snappy sense of humor and quite a silly side. And I’m pretty sure he’s going to LOVE talking.

Other loves: balls, teethers, baths. He also seems obsessed with TV, but I try to keep him away from it as much as humanly possible. He’s really gotten interested in watching the dogs run around and follows their every move. He also enjoys DC United games and doesn’t even mind the screaming!

Hates: car seat, being alone, sleeping alone in his crib.

He doesn’t have teeth yet, but he’s chomping at everything so it won’t be long now! He’s about 22 lbs as of his last appointment.

Milestones coming soon: first swimming pool experience, first solid food.

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