Dinner at the Castellanos: A Recap

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Pretty soon I’m gonna have to change the name of this blog to “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” with the way I bounce around from topic to topic! However, this all ties in.

My favorite program right now is The Mindy Project, because I loved the early seasons of The Office (US) and I read Mindy’s book and I follow her Tweets and I just think she’s adorable and brilliant.

I love the relationship between Mindy and Danny, because the dynamic is so believable to me from my own life — two smart, sophisticated people, one is grumpy and the other is bubbly, and they are drawn to each other and it works. It’s so easy to put one or the other of them into a box, UNTIL — they fall for each other. This is my life love story, boiled down way too small. 

Also, did I mention I love Mindy? Sometime I’ll tell you my top 10 reasons.

For right now, bringing this back to Working Moms, in the most recent 2 episodes of Season 3, the audience and then Danny find out that Mindy is pregnant and she is going to become a mom.

"Do you even bother telling your boyfriend if there's only a 96% chance you could be pregnant?"

“Do you even bother telling your boyfriend if there’s only a 96% chance you could be pregnant?”

Do I love that Mindy is staring in disbelief at a positive pregnancy test with Rosie the Riveter in the background? Yes, yes I do. 

In the early moments of the episode, Mindy’s struggle is represented by a lot of red-and-black fashion:

Mindy in Red

Mindy in Red & Black ( Left is my favorite, obviously)

Here’s what Mindy Kaling has to say about the unplanned pregnancy humor:

I think for an OB/GYN to get accidently pregnant seemed very funny and to get accidently pregnant by another OB/GYN seemed really funny. She’s a good physician but she’s incredibly irresponsible in her own life so this seemed to be keeping with her character. (source)


Mindy's fashion takes on green / teal hues as she struggles to feel a part of Danny's family

Mindy’s fashion takes on green / teal hues as she struggles to feel a part of Danny’s family

This is truly one of my favorite outfits of the episode. I love the contrast of textures among her jacket, shirt, and purse. I love that she knows exactly what to wear to “fit in” with Danny and his Dad, even though she had no idea they’d all be together. And I especially enjoy the fact that she mentions how her wardrobe is especially fancy in the moment that she’s wearing this uncharacteristically muted ensemble.

Mindy in Black & White

Mindy in Black & White — Pregnant At Work

Mindy Lahiri seems incredibly unconcerned with the fact that as her character seems to be finally getting serious about her career, an unplanned pregnancy arises. There is no mention of the impact this has on her career, and she doesn’t seem to be shaken to her core. Her greatest concern is Danny being mad about it. No plans to make any changes in her career path as yet.

Here’s Mindy:

The pregnancy actually motivates Mindy more, professionally. That is something I observed to be true of a lot of women I know. It gives Mindy even more reason to succeed.

Hey, thanks for that, Mindy. Respect.

Can we talk interior design for a second? To me, there is nothing that screams “Power Pose” more in this series than Mindy’s desk. It’s full of books!

How many titles can you name?

How many titles can you name?

Alright, its past my bedtime, so it’s time for me to round up some of my favorite shots of Mindy at Danny’s mom’s house. (I’ve never been inside a house in Staten Island, but for some reason, I totally feel like this is perfect.)

Annettes house

And a quick nod to the worst-dressed of the episode, Dr. Ledreau (never Chris Messina!):

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.03.20 PM

But no one can blame him since he’s made Annette happier than she’s been in years!

Skipping to the end! This moment, set to Beyonce’s XO, “was everything,” as the kids say these days:

We Are A Family

We Are A Family

What did I love?

I loved the look on Chris Messina’s face (seriously — how does anyone act opposite this guy without melting into puddle??) .

I love the value placed on family — even the non-traditional kind.

I love the way these characters are all learning to embrace LIFE: Mindy, Danny, Annette, Peter… etc.

I don’t know what we’ll see next, but for the moment, TMP — I love you like XO!







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