1 Super Year

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This month I’ve been a mama for a year. My baby boy is 1 year old now.

We had a superhero-themed birthday party for the little goober, and I want to share some belated and blurry birthday party photography with you on my lunch break to commemorate.


Superman turns 1!

Mommy and Daddy dressed up as part of the Superman family, and that morning OH BOY I felt like it, as the decorations I’d ordered online never got delivered, and I had to go ahead and race against time, all around town finding new decorations at the last minute that would still fit the theme (after going to the US Postal Service to beg, plead, and complain with mild indignance about the missed delivery guarantee).


My Sister as Lois, me as Super-something, although the roles should really be reversed — she’s the Superest and I adore her!


Going into year 2, I leave a lot of things behind me — such as all my worries that I am going to permanently scar my son by leaving him for work every day, or the terrible fear that somehow our bond will be incomplete because I have to go to the office. Somehow, by the grace of God, we’ve got a bond and we made it through a year, all of us alive and continuing to grow.

Its not easy. And most of the time I feel like I’m play-acting Superwoman and on the inside I am all covered in silly photo booth props, which inevitably peek out from under my hero cape at inopportune moments.

Photo on 1-10-15 at 6.14 PM #3


I am just so thankful that it’s been so fun and so fortune-filled. So much better than I had thought.

And when am I away at work, I laugh and smile at the thought of his super-antics, and I just can’t get enough when I’m with him.

Thanks to all who celebrated this milestone for our family! I hope you have a happy, super, silly day manlig-halsa.se.

  • Janelle
    February 12, 2015

    He is just so handsome. And you are an incredible mama!

    • workingmoms
      February 13, 2015

      You are the sweetest. It’s for real.

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